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Ferandell Tennis Courts is California's premiere Tennis, Basketball & Game Court construction company. Ferandell Tennis Courts is California's premiere Tennis, Basketball & Game Court construction company. New game court construction, repair, restoration & maintenance. Serving all of California.
Ferandell Tennis Courts is California's premiere Tennis, Basketball & Game Court construction company. Ferandell Tennis Courts is California's premiere Tennis, Basketball & Game Court construction company. Call for a FREE Quote Today! (800) 900-1344
Ferandell Tennis Courts is California's premiere Tennis, Basketball & Game Court construction company. CA LIC. 603945 Call for a FREE Quote Today! (800) 900-1344
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Call Ferandell Tennis Courts for more information about a new basketball court construction project. Ferandell Tennis Courts is the recognized leader in outdoor game court construction for all Southern California for more than 45 years. Even though "tennis courts" is in our name, basketball court construction is one of our main services. We have been designing and building superior basketball courts for much of our clientele that includes private residences, celebrities, resorts, schools, sports clubs, homeowner associations and city government. Besides providing top-quality materials and superior labor with our basketball court construction, we're known for standing by our work and providing first-class customer service. It's no surprise much of our work comes from client referrals. And we'd like 'you' to be our next happy basketball court owner!

DIY Basketball Court Construction

Some homeowners think about doing the basketball court construction themselves, after all the game of basketball requires very little; a ball, a hoop, and a surface to play on. But that flat surface can have a huge impact on your enjoyment of the game. The playing surface needs to be durable and have good traction, not to mention, responsive ball bounce and that's where experts like Ferandell Tennis Courts comes in. We have the knowledge, equipment, and the skill to provide the professional basketball court construction you need.

Ferandell's Basketball Court Construction

Ferandell has very talented and dedicated staff with in-depth knowledge and expertise in basketball court construction. They will design the basketball court for you or work with your plans. We will present you with a variety of outdoor game court options regarding lighting, fencing, windscreens, underlayment, court types, and court surfaces. Here are some of the basketball courts types and surfaces we build.

Concrete Synthetic Clay or Grass
Asphalt Rubberized Cushion
Clay Cartpet
Grass Acrylics

Basketball Court Sizes

There are some 'standard' sizes for different basketball courts. However, if we are starting a new basketball court construction project, that means we can design the court to be anything that works with the area and the budget you have available. Take a look at this beautiful basketball court to the right. One of our basketball court construction customers wanted a full size basketball court with 2 hoops, but didn't quite have the amount of space necessary for the standard full-size court. So we creatively customized the plan and built them the closest thing!

When considering a full-size court for your basketball court construction project, we can build any size basketball court you want, but just in case you're wondering there are some standard sizes for full-size basketball courts:
  • NBA Full-size basketball court runs 97 x 50 feet.
  • Full-size basketball court runs 94 x 50 feet.
  • Full-size high school court is 84 x 50 feet.
  • Full-size junior high school court is 74 x 42 feet.
  • Square option is 30 x 30 feet.
For those considering a half-size basketball court, there are also some standard sizes as well:
  • Half-size basketball court runs 47 x 50 feet.
  • Half-size high school court is 42 x 50 feet.
  • Half-size junior high school court is 37 x 42 feet.
  • Square option remains the same 30 x 30 feet.

So Many Basketball Court Options

We know it can be daunting to be given so many choices and options, every step of the way during your basketball court construction project, but that's an area we excel in! Our knowledgeable staff can explain the various court types that perform well in this climate zone. And the various court surfaces and underlayment that will affect ball speed, require little maintenance, and give you and your family years of lasting enjoyment.

Basketball Court Cost

Like any other construction project, basketball court construction costs will vary depending on many different factors, the most obvious being court size; the larger the size, the higher the cost. Another key factor would be the site preparation; access for large equipment to the site where the basketball court construction will take place, and amount of excavation needed to prepare the site.

Other key factors include basketball court flooring, underlayment, and surface material. And then there are additional costs if you want lighting, fencing, windscreens, and so on. You could say that each basketball court location could be considered somewhat custom; because of this it is difficult to give an accurate estimate without seeing the location where the new basketball court construction project will occur.

Schedule an Appointment

The first place to start is to schedule an appointment for us to come out and discuss the basketball court construction project and answer all your questions. The average person does not know about ground composition, municipal codes, city permits, and all the other requirements and options pertaining to a new basketball court construction project. So call Ferandell Tennis Courts and setup an appointment for us to come out and give you a free estimate. That way we can view the property, take measurements, and observe any impedance to where you want the basketball court construction to take place.

Quality Standard for Basketball Court Construction

Ferandell Tennis Courts has very high expectations that our employees and subcontractors must meet every day in terms of their performance, their skill working with all the latest state-of-the-art equipment, plus their overall professionalism and craftsmanship. We use only the highest quality products available from the best manufacturers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect our employees and subcontractors to police the basketball court construction site every day to maintain a clean and safe working environment throughout the project. And as the recognized leader of Southern California's basketball court construction; we definitely set the quality standards that even our competitors attempt to live up to.

Basketball Court Construction Planning

Basketball court construction is no different from other construction projects in that they are executed in planned phases if the project is to run smoothly and be completed on time. The very first thing to do in any basketball court construction project is to discuss and agree on a number of items such as the contract details, scope of work, payment terms, zoning requirements, HOA notification (if needed), establishing plans, obtaining permits, site preparation and orientation, court type and surfacing, and the best part, picking out the color scheme! But don't worry this will be a fun experience! We have completed hundreds of basketball court construction projects and our professional staff can expertly walk you through the various options, while sharing their knowledge so you can make educated choices and decisions along the way. We promise to make this planning phase a fun experience for you!

Plans, Permits, Zoning, Restrictions

Basketball court construction projects or any construction project for that matter involve plans, permits, zoning and restrictions. And they are in-and-of-themselves good reasons to plan! Depending on where you live, we could encounter restrictions on fencing and lighting as some communities may specify a maximum fence height and/or restrictions on bright lighting necessary for nighttime games. Also depending on where you want the basketball court construction to occur, we could possibly need soil surveys or engineering calculations.

Some customers may have a completed plan, may have started the permitting process themselves, or may want us to take the lead in performing all of these required steps. We are flexible and will work with our customers is a variety of ways. We can do part or all of the necessary steps and/or paperwork. And we would be happy to do so if that best suits our customers' needs or desires.

Access to the Basketball Court Construction Site

Another factor to consider is the access, or impeded access, to the basketball court construction site. When we built courts in the distant past, we used a lot of hand tools, but today we build basketball courts using some fairly large state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to do a better job in far less time. This saves the customer money because we can complete the basketball court construction phases quicker than in the past. In order to use the larger equipment though, we need to be able to get the equipment to the basketball court construction site and have room to move it around. This may involve removing landscape obstacles such as plants, trees, or fencing. And in some cases could involve the cooperation of your immediate neighbors.

Concrete Outdoor Basketball Courts

For any basketball court construction project, you have several options to choose from. For example choosing what materials you want the basketball court made out of. For Southern California, concrete is an excellent choice and the more popular one for outdoor basketball court flooring. It is affordable and can be smoothed out to provide a consistent level surface. In the game of basketball, traction is very important for the starts and stops, accelerations and cuts, and outdoor concrete provides great surface traction you need for the game!

Concrete is a great choice for your basketball court construction project because a concrete basketball court floor with steel reinforced rebar is very durable, will give you the best performance, and is easy to maintain over the long-term. When concrete is professionally poured, and installed with a vapor barrier and sealant, it can withstand extreme weather temperatures of hot and cold which will give you, your friends, and your family many years of enjoyment.

Asphalt Outdoor Basketball Courts

Asphalt is an alternative option for outdoor basketball court flooring in your basketball court construction project. Many basketball players learned the game of basketball by playing in neighborhood streets and community parks that were most likely made of asphalt. I can tell you that as a basketball court construction expert, installing asphalt is NOT a DIY project! Asphalt must be professionally installed and it must be sealed to make it more weather resistant. Asphalt is not as smooth as a concrete finish, but it does offer options for surface choices in different rock blends that range from smooth to rough. Unfortunately, asphalt will break down over time allowing for cracks, chips, and other surface problems to occur. It also has a tendency to wear out shoes quickly and is very harsh on your skin should you fall.

Synthetic Turf Basketball Surface

One surface often over-looked with basketball court construction is synthetic turf, sometimes referred to as artificial grass. You might think it is a poor substitute for real grass, but it's so much more than that! Synthetic turf can be used for a wide variety of outdoor game courts. It is cheaper to install and far easier to maintain than real grass. And especially important, it can be played-on shortly after it rains whereas real grass would become saturated and would be impossible to play on after just a little-bit of rain. Additionally the synthetic turf plays very similarly to the real thing! You probably would not know the difference!

So as you are planning your basketball court construction project, consider synthetic turf for its surface because just like a real grass court, synthetic grass is a far more forgiving surface to play on than a hard surface. It's much easier on your legs and joints and causes less wear and tear to your body while you play. This makes it ideal for everyday play or many years of play without the accumulative risk of injuries from playing the game so much! Just take a look at this synthetic grass tennis court construction project we completed for another customer of ours; Impressive, stunning and inviting!

Cushioning Systems

Another factor to consider during the planning phase of your basketball court construction project is the variety of court surfaces and cushioning systems to choose from. So if you prefer to use a more technology-based cushioning rather than synthetic cushioning like synthetic turf, you're in luck. Again, you have a lot of options to choose from. The characteristics of court surfaces combined with cushioning systems contribute to your comfort and endurance while playing the game. They can also affect the speed of the ball bounce. If you want to reduce the impact on your joints, consider cushioned surface systems. They absorb impact which reduces muscle fatigue and allows you to play for longer periods. And an added bonus is that they're a resilient surface material with good traction and ball bounce, all of which is perfect for your new basketball court! Our experienced staff will walk you through the court surface options and cushioning systems available and will help you to customize the basketball court of your dreams!

Choosing a Color Scheme

Now here is where the real fun begins. The best part of every basketball court construction project is designing how you want your new basketball court to be painted. Ferandell works with several top-brand color manufacturers which gives you a wide selection of colors to choose from. And we've made it very easy for you!

We developed an online court colorizing tool (more like a game really) that gives you the ability to paint the various areas that make up a basketball court (the court, surround, 3-point area, the key, top of key, and the center circle) individually in different colors if that is your preference! As you paint the various parts of the basketball court, the visual tells you the names of your color choices. And when you find color combinations that you like, you can print them out to share with your friends, family and with Ferandell!

Basketball Court Construction Project Begins

Once you have made all your choices, all of the conditions agreed to for the construction, plans have been permitted, any other city ordinances checked off, and access to the construction site is determined, we begin the basketball court construction project!

In Conclusion

Ferandell Tennis Courts defines a successful basketball court construction project by not only exceeding our customers' expectations, but also by building a superior basketball court with first-class materials and quality workmanship.

Ferandell Tennis Courts is the recognized leader in basketball court construction. Our clientele includes high-end resorts and country clubs. Call Ferandell Tennis Courts now and schedule an appointment for us to come out and give you a free estimate knowing that when you hire Ferandell to do your basketball court construction project, you will get the same superior quality as our high-end resorts and country club customers do at very affordable and competitive rates!

Call: (800) 900-1344
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